Playing with Flocking

So I finally got some scrappy time with my Mom this weekend and it felt GREAT!!!! There is something about fun colors and textured papers that just makes me happy!!

So I broke out the bottle of flocking that I have had for sometime now and gave it a play and this is where it lead.....just a tiny touch of flocking but now I think I will be a bit more brave and add more on following pages, so that means stay tuned for what hopefully will be flocking mania!! lol!

I used my glue pen from Stampin'Up! To trace the lines over my stamped image and then added the flocking to the stamped image in three lines. I like the effect and the flocking actually worked with the glue, which was great. I have a few other colors of flocking that I am now dying to try out so hopefully I can get to that sometime this week!

Here's the close up.


Auntie Em said...
July 12, 2010 at 6:08 AM

What a fun and happy page! Love the I will have to try it out too!
Thanks for sharing! :o)

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