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I just read the most touching article. It is about a girl named Jessie who has CF. Incredible story of courage and the embracing of life to it's fullest.

Many of us take it for granted that we will live to see our 50th birthday and many others may even get to see their 80th or their 100th birthday. So what would you do if you knew that your life was to be cut short? Would you live differently than you do today? Are we just filling our lives with meaningless endevors because we "think" we have tons of time left to do the important things. How would your life change if you knew you wouldn't live to see your 50th? Would you continue to spend your time the way you do now or would you make some substantial changes?

The theme of living life seems to keep popping up for me. As I have reflected for sometime now I believe that life is about time management. It is not about doing more in less time but instead about living better. It's about making each day count and going to bed each night knowing that you put the important things first. This doesn't mean not taking the garbage out or cleaning the house but it does mean ensuring that our time is focussed to include time with friends and family. It means having fun and time spent appreciating the world around us. For me this means planning trips to explore the world and keeping on top of the issues affecting humanity on a global scale. It also means warm pancakes on a Saturday morning and late nights reading journal articles. It's about taking pictures to capture the beauty around me and spending time loving my pets. It's about worship through song and quiet moments before bed. It's about combining the incredible with the day to day to create an integrated whole.

So what will you do today? Are you living a life of balance and healthy priorities? A few small changes may be all that is needed. Let Jessie's life inspire you. :)

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