Post Christmas_Pre New Years

This Christmas was really different for me. In so many ways, some big and others small. I definitely miss some of my previous years traditions such as putting up the tree, opening gifts first thing in the morning, and taking pictures of the new Christmas ornament that was purchased to reflect the past year. This year was different in that I did none of these things however, I did make some new memories from this year and may have even started some new traditions.

This year I spent Christmas eve with my Dad, like many years before, except this year was spent with him, his new wife, and her son. They officially tied the knot this year so we had a true family Christmas on that side. It was fabulous to just share food and talk until the wee hours of the morning. I drove home at 2am but every moment of the heart to heart conversations we were able to have were worth it!

It was Christmas that was definitely the most different this year. I slept in, which never happens on Christmas- I blame this abnormality on the exceptionally late Christmas eve festivities! This year too, unlike others, my sister called me at 8am to see when I would be heading to Mom's. My sister doesn't have social boundaries when it comes extremely late or early phone calls especially when I am the one she is calling- and I love her for this! This year was also the first time where I didn't open any gifts until Christmas night. I can't believe we were able to wait that long! We had a lot of fun though playing games, laughing and eating together as a family.

This year too was the first that I think I have really stopped to reflect on the importance of my family in my life. I don't think I have fully appreciated the family moments before this year, however I plan to never let another Christmas pass without stopping to reflect on the importance of my family and the incredible way in which all the little things we do with each other mean so much.

So here's to both sides of my family: Mom, Dad, step-Mom and Dad, brother, and sister, step brother, and brother-in-law. Merry Christmas and here is to many more family Christmas' with all the small family moments that add up to an incredible season!

Christmas Cheer

I just got back from spending the day with my Dad and his family. Our day was filled to the brim with food, presents, laughs, and even some close to crying moments. And although this was all really great I was struck by the cold hard reality that my Grandparents are getting older.....Several things have happened over the last year that has changed my relationship with them. They have moved to a smaller house to be closer to my Dad so they can receive help when needed, my Grandpa's eyesight is not what it used to be and most recently my Grandma broke her arm (this is just to name a few). As we were sitting around today visiting it hit me that their days on this earth are getting to be fewer and fewer. It is sad to know that at some point I will have to morn their passing and will look back and the photos and memories that are held in my head and heart.

I don't really want to think about it but how can I not? It is coming quicker than I would wish and it won't be easy. I grew up with my Grandparents, they were there to nuture me and love me. They would come to all my school and church plays, invite us over for suppers, and I even ended living with them for awhile after highschool. They have been a rock and fortress in my life that will forever impact the way I relate to others and how I view myself. My Grandpa has always had incredible work ethic and believes in a job well done more so than just a job that is done. My Grandma is the most organized and prepared person I know. She has spent her life giving to so many around her and has really had a positive impact on my life.

I guess I just wanted to pay tribute to my Grandparents and let them know that I am a better person, not only for having their jeans, but because I actually got to hang out with them and experience life with them! I love you Grandma and Grandpa and I thank you for everything you've given, time, money, love, friendship, guidance, and wisdom!

And now off to write them a letter as they don't have internet!

Christmas is Coming

So it's been awhile but now with Christmas coming I decided that maybe it was time to post again. Everytime I look out the window I am reminded that winter is definitely here. There is snow on the trees and layers of the white stuff all over the ground. I love the snow! Winter is my absolutely favorite season! I have fantastic memories of winter.......skating, romantic walks through the falling snow, ski trips in the mountains and fabulous family Christmases. I couldn't imagine life without snow and without this wonderful season. Well, off to find my slippers and cozy up with a good book for the weekend! Happy Winter everyone!

The life you wish to live

I just read the most touching article. It is about a girl named Jessie who has CF. Incredible story of courage and the embracing of life to it's fullest.

Many of us take it for granted that we will live to see our 50th birthday and many others may even get to see their 80th or their 100th birthday. So what would you do if you knew that your life was to be cut short? Would you live differently than you do today? Are we just filling our lives with meaningless endevors because we "think" we have tons of time left to do the important things. How would your life change if you knew you wouldn't live to see your 50th? Would you continue to spend your time the way you do now or would you make some substantial changes?

The theme of living life seems to keep popping up for me. As I have reflected for sometime now I believe that life is about time management. It is not about doing more in less time but instead about living better. It's about making each day count and going to bed each night knowing that you put the important things first. This doesn't mean not taking the garbage out or cleaning the house but it does mean ensuring that our time is focussed to include time with friends and family. It means having fun and time spent appreciating the world around us. For me this means planning trips to explore the world and keeping on top of the issues affecting humanity on a global scale. It also means warm pancakes on a Saturday morning and late nights reading journal articles. It's about taking pictures to capture the beauty around me and spending time loving my pets. It's about worship through song and quiet moments before bed. It's about combining the incredible with the day to day to create an integrated whole.

So what will you do today? Are you living a life of balance and healthy priorities? A few small changes may be all that is needed. Let Jessie's life inspire you. :)
Life is getting sweeter by the day! My DH and I just welcomed two new additions to our family and we couldn't be happier! It's something else to experience the pitter patter of little feet on the hardwood and have to watch where you walk so you don't end up tripping over the small balls of fur that never tire of chasing you around.
This one here is Rida. Her name comes from the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Rider just wasn't much of a girls name so she ended up being Rida. She is fully of energy and loves to tease her brother. :) She will bark at him and then yelps when he pounces to play. She is also a real cuddle bug and will often climb into your lap to sleep.

And this sweet one is Sketch. He's named after my love of scrapbooking and scrapbooking sketches! He is sweet as well but has less energy than his crazy sister. :) He loves to have his belly rubbed and is a little shy when it comes to loud noises and other dogs. He's very hard to get a picture of though because his fur is so dark.

These two love to cuddle as well. They sleep curled up in a ball every night. I guess that is the way it was in the litter so the tradition continues!

Here's to our two balls of loveable fur and our live that will never be the same!

Already July

So here I am sitting in the airport in North Carolina and wondering what to do........what better time to blog. I have been up since 3am MST and running on a bag of Doritos along with a raspberry cereal bar that I had while getting dressed this morning.

We are heading back from vacation today. It seems like they always pass by so fast in a whirlwind of suitcases, suntans, attractions and plane rides. I write down what I do each day on vacation so that later I can reminisce about all the fun I had that I don't remember as clearly as I would like to. Don't misinterpret what I am saying here, drunken binges are not the reason I have problems remembering. It is really more about doing so many new things in such a short amount of time that I have problems remembering all the details about what happened when and where I say "such and such". For this reason I am thoroughly thankful for my camera. I love looking back at the freeze frames of my vacation. These pictures help take me back to the way the water smelled during the moonlit walk on the beach or how fun that third loop in the rollercoaster was and most importantly reminds me of all the reasons I take vacations. They are not only a get away from everyday life but a chance to discover yourself within the context of a new culture or a new setting.

I learn a lot about myself while on vacation and force myself to stretch my comfort boundaries that everyday life provides. It is really for these reasons, more than just an escape from everyday life, that I love vacations. It also doesn't hurt that I find it therapeutic to look through all the pictures and chose which ones I will forever pay homage to through my scrapbook pages.

So please watch here for pics of my vacation. I will post shortly after I get home. Just two more flights. :) Until then, here's to enjoying the journeys we embark on and to discovery of the people inside.

Some Pictures

I just picked up a new Cannon Rebel XSi and played with it on a walk around the river valley. Here are a few shots from the walk. Enjoy!

And here we are.......

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now. I have a passion to create and to have others create with me. Creativity allows for discovery and questioning of who we are and our purpose in this life. Enjoy visiting here and feel free to leave your comments and links to your creations in whatever form they exist: word, picture, etc.

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