Post Christmas_Pre New Years

This Christmas was really different for me. In so many ways, some big and others small. I definitely miss some of my previous years traditions such as putting up the tree, opening gifts first thing in the morning, and taking pictures of the new Christmas ornament that was purchased to reflect the past year. This year was different in that I did none of these things however, I did make some new memories from this year and may have even started some new traditions.

This year I spent Christmas eve with my Dad, like many years before, except this year was spent with him, his new wife, and her son. They officially tied the knot this year so we had a true family Christmas on that side. It was fabulous to just share food and talk until the wee hours of the morning. I drove home at 2am but every moment of the heart to heart conversations we were able to have were worth it!

It was Christmas that was definitely the most different this year. I slept in, which never happens on Christmas- I blame this abnormality on the exceptionally late Christmas eve festivities! This year too, unlike others, my sister called me at 8am to see when I would be heading to Mom's. My sister doesn't have social boundaries when it comes extremely late or early phone calls especially when I am the one she is calling- and I love her for this! This year was also the first time where I didn't open any gifts until Christmas night. I can't believe we were able to wait that long! We had a lot of fun though playing games, laughing and eating together as a family.

This year too was the first that I think I have really stopped to reflect on the importance of my family in my life. I don't think I have fully appreciated the family moments before this year, however I plan to never let another Christmas pass without stopping to reflect on the importance of my family and the incredible way in which all the little things we do with each other mean so much.

So here's to both sides of my family: Mom, Dad, step-Mom and Dad, brother, and sister, step brother, and brother-in-law. Merry Christmas and here is to many more family Christmas' with all the small family moments that add up to an incredible season!


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