Stress Monkey!!!

Okay so I offered to make this card for one of the Executive Directors in my area that is leaving....why I do things like this I will never know. I think I am addicted to stress, so on top of getting ready for vacation, painting walls in my home, being crazy busy at work and getting sick, I had to make this card. NO PRESSURE!!! lol!

So infact I did stress about it for several days/weeks but tonight I final told myself "make the darn card already" so I did and I am quite please with how it turned out. You can't tell in the picture but that base of the card is a bit shimmery which makes for a nice effect. The patterned paper is Basic Grey and the butterflies I cut out using my Cricut. Jeremy loves it when I actually use the darn thing since it was my Christmas gift a few years ago and he is so proud of himself for buying me "the best gift ever!"

Thanks for stopping by!!

Man do I ever miss NYC!!!!

Have you ever been somewhere that touched you so deeply that you feel like you left a piece of yourself behind when you returned home? That's how I feel about New York. I went there last summer with two of my girlfriends to celebrate one of the girls 30th birthdays! We had a BLAST!!!!! Seriously, best trip of my life. Anyways, this LO just came together and I loved how it turned out. I had a little help though from the beautiful and totally creative Design Team at Scrap Your Crap you can check them out HERE

Anyways, I was totally inspired to use some of my alphas that I didn't have enough letters for the title so I improvised and used some of my alphas along with two shapes a puzzle piece and a heart the title reads "I lost a piece of my heart in NYC". Hope you like it!!

This is the new me!!!!

So I did it, I bit the bullet and here is my new blog template. The colors make me happy but the white background for posts makes me even happier!!! It's simple and clean with enough funkiness for me! Thanks for checking it out and I hope to have a couple LOs posted soon! ;)

Bloggie Makeover

I really am feeling the need for a bloggie make over.....something cleaner and more streamlined but I am aprehensive about making changes for fear that I may loose some of my badges, etc......Any hints or strategies about how to make a seamless change over would be welcome!!!! Hopefully I can have it changed over by the end of the weekend, that is my grand plan anyways!

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