I DID IT!!!!

So today is the first official day that I made 10km in one run! I was able to squeeze 10.3K in 1 hour and 10 mins. I cannot believe it!!! I started working out early Jan with the goal of just getting in shape and then my friend at work (Julia) said that we should challenge a 5k this summer. I thought that I could potentially get there. 5K seemed like a huge deal and then I started running and would report to her how far I was running. I got to a steady 4.5-4.8 and of course, Julia then said "well 5K is going to be too easy for you, we should do 10K". I, being the challenge loving person that I am agreed and so started pushing myself harder and harder and bumping up what I could do each time I went to the gym. This afternoon I went to the gym with the intent of running on my treadmill until someone came and kicked me off (it's quiet on Sundays so I wasn't sure how long that would be). Well it amount to an hour and 10mins and at that point I had run 10.3K. I actually got in my car and let out a huge WHOOP!!!! I don't think I ever could have done this! It's incredible to make your goal. :) Now all I have to do is get to 10K in 60 mins! lol! This year I am learning to keep reaching higher, pushing harder, and eventually I'll learn how to fly!

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