December Daily

Hello Blogging World! I know it's been awhile. I think of you often but haven't made my way to actually posting in a bit. So on Skrap N Chat one of our fabulous ladies has challenged us to do a blogger version of December Daily.

The concept is basically this, it started out as an idea that you would scrapbook about each of your days into an album for the month of December. I would love to do that- keep track of grocery lists, outings, receipts, shows, etc. for the month, but somehow I just can never find the the twist is that we've been challenged to do the blogger version. Basically document our month through our blog- now that I can do. It can be as long or short as you want. Really whatever you are doing that day and would like to look back on at some point.

So here it is:

Today--> the first day of December. Which is awesome. It's warm with a bit of snow on the ground. It feels like Christmas without the freezing of fingers. The first of the month means new challenges over at scrap n chat and since it was my month for a challenge. I also came up with a December Daily version. I have challenged everyone to create a LO that they will journal on for the month. So instead of doing an entire album you only have to do one single LO. Very EASY PEASY!!! and totally something I can actually accomplish. I have a need to finish what I start otherwise I get frustrated with myself!

So here's my LO that I will be writing on throughout the month.

What do you think???

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