Already July

So here I am sitting in the airport in North Carolina and wondering what to do........what better time to blog. I have been up since 3am MST and running on a bag of Doritos along with a raspberry cereal bar that I had while getting dressed this morning.

We are heading back from vacation today. It seems like they always pass by so fast in a whirlwind of suitcases, suntans, attractions and plane rides. I write down what I do each day on vacation so that later I can reminisce about all the fun I had that I don't remember as clearly as I would like to. Don't misinterpret what I am saying here, drunken binges are not the reason I have problems remembering. It is really more about doing so many new things in such a short amount of time that I have problems remembering all the details about what happened when and where I say "such and such". For this reason I am thoroughly thankful for my camera. I love looking back at the freeze frames of my vacation. These pictures help take me back to the way the water smelled during the moonlit walk on the beach or how fun that third loop in the rollercoaster was and most importantly reminds me of all the reasons I take vacations. They are not only a get away from everyday life but a chance to discover yourself within the context of a new culture or a new setting.

I learn a lot about myself while on vacation and force myself to stretch my comfort boundaries that everyday life provides. It is really for these reasons, more than just an escape from everyday life, that I love vacations. It also doesn't hurt that I find it therapeutic to look through all the pictures and chose which ones I will forever pay homage to through my scrapbook pages.

So please watch here for pics of my vacation. I will post shortly after I get home. Just two more flights. :) Until then, here's to enjoying the journeys we embark on and to discovery of the people inside.


Just Jess said...
July 22, 2008 at 8:41 PM

So no drunken binges then? lol Can't wait to see the beautiful vacation album you are going to complete- hopefully quicker than you did your wedding album ;)

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