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So I am slowly working towards downsizing some of my stuff as I try to live up to the word simplicity for this year......I am thinking that it may take me several years of living with this word to truly get through everything I have to get through YEESH! I wouldn't call myself a packrat by any stretch of the imagination. I do regularly try to get rid of stuff, but we haven't moved in the last 6 years and that has really thrown off my game.

I used to purge our stuff every time we moved and I really did have it down to a managable bit for awhile. Not so now......I have decided that while I am living with the theme simplicity this year, I am going to think as if we are moving so everytime I see something I am going to ask myself- "do I really need this" I hope this will really help me let go of some of the stuff in the house and take a realistic view and our posessions.

So as I was cleaning out the office today- I still have a long way to go- I came across these business cards.....they are mine from a former position 6 years ago. I have had 3 position changes since then......I don't know why I felt the need to hang onto a whole pile of them. Maybe I thought that I would scrapbook one of them on a LO, but seriously a WHOLE PILE?!?!?!? what are you thinking woman? I really don't know, that's the sad part. So into the garbage all but one of these went. I will add it to a LO I am working on about the job I had back then. :)

So wish me luck as I continue embracing simplicity- this could be a wild year! If I don't burn out from purging exhaustion!- just joking, I hope!
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