Great news and a great crop!

So I can finally let the secret out of the bag! I am officially designing for SkrapnChat! SkrapnChat or SnC as we affectionately call it is just a really great group of scrappin' ladies!! I have never felt so loved and supported as I do in this community. And the bonus is that inspiration oozes out of every pore of that site! So stoked to be a part of the DT there now!!!!!

So we just had a weekend long crop this past weekend called Lights, Camera, Skrap! As you can guess the challenges were based on movies. My challenge was Beauty and the Beast. I challenged participants to be "beastly" with their photos. For my example LO I actually tore my photo in half! HOW FUN!!!! It's something I've always wanted to do!! I love trying new things and thinking outside the box and this was definitely one of those challenges.

Check out my LO!

Would love to see your LOs based on my challenge! It's so fun thinking out of the box! and of course come check us out at SnC!


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