Date Night with Hubby

Life is going faster and faster every day and year. When we first got married we barely had two pennies to rub together and were home a lot more. We indulged in tv date nights and even a walk around the block with each other. Now days we are both traveling more and more for work and that means a lot more nights where we don't see each other. It is definitely hard sometimes but we've gotten creative in the ways we connect.

Thank God for unlimited text messaging!! Seriously this is the primary way we communicate while one or both of us are away. The best part about both of us traveling so much is the intentionality and purpose with which we approach our marriage. It's fun to know that we have a definite date night planned when we are both around and the anticipation of speaking with each other and actually being in the same room is awesome! We no longer take for granted the times we are together and the stolen text messaging moments that we share. Although sometimes I text someone by mistake thinking it's Jeremy. My sister-in-law was the recent recipient of one of my wayward text messages about the blender I won in a silent auction! Ha, Ha!!! Sorry Jae!

So this week while we we were both away we had a skype date night. It was a little cheesy and totally geeky, but it was a date night none the less. The best part was that we got to actually see each other and make funny faces between dialogue on our days and the work we were both doing.

So what am I thankful for today? Well, today I am thankful for a husband that indulges his wife in Skype dates and for technology that enables us to "see" each other from the other side of the country! Here's to many more Skype dates.


misty said...
April 9, 2011 at 6:23 AM

I love it! My hubby was in Iraq for a year so we used skype all the was nice to get to see his face and reactions while we talked, eventhough it was so delayed...

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