Procrastination and Pressure

I am continually inspired by my friends who seem to keep up a blog AND a hectic life. I am finding more and more that the hectic life seems to be bumping right along but it's the blog that seems to suffer in the day to day bustle.

This has got me thinking about why I am completely unable to tackle the blog world with the same passion I do in my day to day life and the answer is (drumroll please)..............PRESSURE!!!! I have put far too much pressure on myself to maintain this blog and will only post when I think I have something incredibly inspiring to say or if I have a layout that I've worked on that I absolutely love.

So no more! I am going to tackle this blog and ride it like a wild horse with abadon. Whatever is on my mind is what will come out on the page and I think I like it better that way anyways.

So today.....we purchased this fantastic vase for our hallway yesterday and some twigs to go into the top of it. I am in love with the vase. I love decorating but haven't always had the funds to do so as a student. Slowly I am starting to decorate and make our "house into a home" as my husband would put it.

So here's the picture of our vase. What do you think?


AprilC said...
November 14, 2010 at 7:45 PM

Great vase! I love the new blog template too!

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