Sweet Joys of September

Well I am back from a fantastic vacation to London, Scotland, and Ireland. We had a blast!! The country side was incredible and the people were so friendly. It was a fabulous trip and I cannot wait to do it again sometime.

So back to the grind this week, unfortunately I brought home a cold from Europe so I spent most of last weekend in bed but I am determined to make up for it this weekend! Last night I spent some time with my fantastic girlfriend...seriously we always have a blast together. In fact last night was so much fun that I was literally crying from laughing so hard!

This morning I got up early and got some dishes done and then headed into the kitchen to try my hand at some monster cookies. I have a nut allergy but have found this "pea butter" that works perfectly as a substitute for peanut butter. I am completely addicted!! Check it out here

And check out pictures of the yummy cookies I made! We have a family BBQ tonight so I hope they all enjoy them!

The Yummy Batter: I modified the recipe and added craisins as well!

And the finished product! YUMMY!!!

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