Entry into Freedom

It's been awhile, and now I am free so likely I will be updating my blog with some exciting new pictures and the very near future. :) A lot has happened in the last month and I am excited to share it with you all. I had a fabulous girls trip to Jasper in November and the story includes a bit about a mouse in our hotel room which I will share all about when I post pics but suffice it to say it will be worth the wait.

I had to blog today though. I had a fantastic day. Wrote a 3 hour final this morning which I think I aced. I was totally prepared and calm which, if you ask my husband is totally unlike me, don't get me wrong I am usually prepared but not usually that calm. It was an incredible feeling to go through the exam and come out on the other end feeling like I had just climbed to the peak of a very tall mountain. This semester started out pretty rough with a change in class after my grad school realized I was in the wrong section, so between the change in classes I actually missed some lectures so felt a little like I played catch up this semester. Thankfully the semester ended out really well and I felt like I was walking on clouds by the end of the exam! Sweet victory!!

The next greatest thing today was that I finally got to see my best friend. Her and I typically see each other every day or at least every other day. We work together so lunches are usually spent dreaming about our next vacation or chatting about the new stuff that is happening in our lives. You don't often meet someone who changes your life and who understands you at a level that you may not understand yourself at. I cherish the time I spend with her and love that we got to finally see each other after not seeing each other for almost a week or what, in my reality, seemed like 10 years!!!

And finally to top my day off. I had the absolute honor of meeting with the CEO of my organization. I know that may not seem like a huge thing, but when you work for a nearly 100 000 person organization it is huge. Not everyone who works in the organization will get that type of oportunity and I am quite happy to have had the chance to both shake his hand and pick his brain for over an hour.

So today was a bunch of little moments that all rolled up to create an incredible whole. It's a fabulous thing when you wake up calm and relaxed and go to bed smiling. It's EPIC and it's these days that make life the most incredible journey. I hope for many of these days over the course of my life.


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