A thousand lessons in a month

I am not even sure what to say beyond that I am learning so much. I am discovering things about myself that I never thought possible. Do you have those people in your life that you think you are reaching out to or helping but in the end they are the ones who reach out and touch you? This is my journey of discovery this month. My friend Miriam is absolutely incredible. Her and her wonderful family share my home with me and I have always thought of them living here as an opportunity for me to help them in some meaningful way. However, it is I who have been touched and helped by them a thousand fold. Her and her husband have been my voice of reason in the last month and a listening ear when I needed to vent. Even in the last few weeks they have completely reached out to me in real and practical ways such as inviting me to join them for supper, joining me for my workouts, helping me chip ice on the sidewalks, and hooking up my cable.

They are also teaching me the values of connectedness, community and family. They love each other deeply and out of that love flows the ability to connect with others and bless them. They make the impossible seem feasible and spending time with them has cultivated within me a deep desire for community. They make it easy to be myself without all the layers of pretense. We have been through a lot together and I really cherish their friendship, more than I think I realized. It is true what they say that during the times of hardship you truly learn who your friends are and these two are true friends.


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